8 03, 2021

Whiplash Injuries

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Car Accidents Whiplash Injuries  What is Whiplash? Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the “cracking of a whip”. Whiplash is commonly caused by rear-end car accidents but can also result from a sports, a fall, physical abuse, or any other type of trauma resulting in injury.

16 02, 2021

Keeping Spinal Discs Healthy

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Spinal Discs Keeping Your Spinal Discs Healthy Your body has 24 spinal discs and 33 vertebrae (which help protect your spinal nerves). When discs are healthy, they are thick, flexible and comfortable. When they’re unhealthy, dehydrated and thin,chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease could be in your near future! Luckily, disc degeneration and chronic

20 01, 2021

Moving Your Way to Better Health

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Healthy Habits & Resolutions Moving Your Way to Better Health in 2021   Everyone needs physical activity to stay healthy – mentally and physically. Not only can it be difficult to find the time, covid restrictions have also made it hard to find a place! With many gyms closed, people have had to find innovative

22 12, 2020

Healing Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

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What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold Laser Therapy uses the power of light through a low powered laser, to stimulate and rejuvenate tissues and cells. It is also used to relax the nervous system, dissolving the long-term effects of stress which prevent the body from healing itself. Cold Laser Therapy is also referred to as

8 12, 2020

Chiropractic and Immune System Health

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  Strengthen Your Immune System - Chiropractic Care & Key Health Strategies It may come as no surprise to you that in the age of the coronavirus, and with winter right around the corner, many people are looking for a serious immune system boost. This doesn't need to be difficult or complicated! Keep your immune

20 11, 2017

Among the Greatest Chiropractors in the World

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You may not live or work in Pleasant Hill California and be looking for a GREAT chiropractic office. You may not know that you will NEED a great chiropractor on your health and wellness team for best outcomes. The reason you need a chiropractor on YOUR team is it's the only profession that interacts with

15 11, 2017

Why you need Chiropractic Care

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  In talking to friends or family & people in the general public, there has at times been push back with the people 'needing' chiropractic care.  Or people say, "I have never needed a chiropractor".  These may be nuanced and sometimes true.  The question is how do YOU come to these conclusions?  Lack of low

8 11, 2017

Pleasant Hill, CA Chiropractor

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  Evoke Spinal Care in Pleasant Hill is a Chiropractic office operated on the principle that the human body is a self healing organism.  All healing comes from inside out and can be enhanced when the brain body connection is clear of interference.   Another way to understand the principle of chiropractic and what is

1 11, 2017

Offering an Unfair Advantage – Chiropractic Care at Evoke Spinal Care

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  "As a chiropractor our effectiveness is knowing - There is an internal constructive purposeful keeper within." - Dr Stephen Duff, Sr. Evoke Spinal Care - Our chiropractic office in Pleasant Hill, CA is your unfair advantage in all aspects of life.  What is the advantage you ask?  It starts with a clarity and removal

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