Success Stories

Evoke Spinal Care appreciates your feedback. If you have a moment, please read the following feedback from some of our patients.

When I initially reached out to you in late August of this year – it was truly out of desperation and not knowing what else to do! It was hard seeing my mother in so much pain, her not able to tend to her garden, and her love for travel made it impossible due to the state of pain that she was in. Her shoulders, back, hips, legs, feet, everything! Her whole body was so tight from trying to manage the pain that her spine was out of alignment even more so.

At the time my mother was only seeing an acupuncturist but the pain still continued. We passed your office several times after appointments and I wondered…. I read many of your YELP reviews from other patients and decided to make the call. I reached out initially via email and then followed up with a phone call. I was honestly surprised and touched that a practitioner would reach out so quickly. After receiving your email and speaking with you – your calm and nurturing voice gave me hope and couldn’t wait to get my mother in to meet with you.

With my mother being a retired RN she was impressed with your methodical plan of care that you presented.

Well, it’s been about a 7-week journey and what a turnaround! From my mother hunched over, with every step she took she suffered excruciating pain, and tears in her eyes – I thought is this how she is going to live for the rest of her life? With your heartfelt and empathetic approach along with positive words of encouragement – advising my mother that to also help with the recovery it comes from oneself and you have to believe. She held onto those words tightly, did here exercises, and believed!

Thank you! She is going on vacation next week and she will be able to continue to experience her love for travel!

You are the BEST!

Darlene & Nilda

Five Stars. Highly Recommended

I originally went to Dr. Fred because I heard about his unique approach to dealing with headaches and I suffered with them off and on for most of my life. When entering his office, I was immediately impressed with the detail in his clinical approach. He asked deeper questions than other doctors and educated me about the ‘atlas’ bone which he determined was misaligned and the root cause of my headaches. After the first adjustment, I did not feel much because he was so gentle, but the next day woke up with less tension in my head than what was my usual. After a few more visits I was able to go weeks without a headache which was very long for me. I have now been seeing Dr. Fred monthly for ‘routine maintenance care’ and have budgeted for it to become part of my wellness approach. Thanks so much Dr. Fred for providing a service that has created so much results and improved my quality of life so I can get back to my tennis game. Cheers!

Ben G.

He’s been informative about how the body works and heals.

I met Dr Dietzen at a business networking event and decided to give his office a chance. His upper cervical chiropractic care has been wonderful for the vertigo I was experiencing. He’s been informative about how the body works and heals. He showed me exercises & stretches to maintain good posture, and improve body functionality. He is caring, professional, quite thorough. I highly recommend him if you too are suffering from a head, face or neck pain. He practices a technique called NUCCA which I hadn’t heard of before ( I had to look it up). This type of discipline focuses on the upper cervical area to correct what is wrong elsewhere in your body alignment. His office is located in Pleasant Hill, CA and easily accessible.

Rizwan R.

Dr. Dietzen not only took care of my back but my entire body!!

The word No shouldn’t come to mind as a recommendation but I say No Migraines, No Lower Back Pain, and No Insomnia!
I went to Evoke Spinal Care (after researching the NUCCA style of chiropractic care) last year for my lower back, having had the pain since childhood and surgeons saying I could try to management the pain or surgery. Upon finishing Dr. Dietzen’s treatment of straightening my upper spine allowing my body to heal itself I, not only, no longer have back pain but I found my lifelong migraines and insomnia to be gone!
Dr. Dietzen not only took care of my back but my entire body!! It’s been over a year and I still live pain free and have restful sleep every night. I would encourage anyone who has any kind of pain to go see Dr. Dietzen first and have him do his magic to “Get Your Head on Straight” as he says. Thanks Dr. D!!!

Teresa K.

Dr. Dietzen has that extra something that should be shared.

I will start this review off with I am a Chiropractor. Dr Dietzen has a specialty that I once did not know much about, nor did I know its effectiveness. My daughter broke her leg about 5 plus weeks ago and has been out of a cast for about a week. She has been limping and cautious about her leg even though she was having no symptoms. I took her to Dr Dietzen and he check and adjusted her with KST and within 24 hours my daughter caution and limp was nearly gone. She was happier and more confident in her leg. I love chiropractic and its ability to help people heal and Dr Dietzen has that extra something that should be shared. Thank you Dr Dietzen for helping my daughter.

Lawrence C.

If you’ve never seen him, Dr. Dietzen is like very few chiropractors out there.

I feel really good right now. Finally. Once again, Dr Dietzen has worked his magic. And I sense that his practice has shifted and deepened somewhat since my last visit. If you’ve never seen him, Dr. Dietzen is like very few chiropractors out there. He takes time, he listens, his office is calm, when he works with you he is present and grounded. This is chiropractic of the future. This is how everyone wishes to be treated.

Thank you so much.

Elaine W.

I served as a Combat Infantry Sergeant during World War II, fighting from Normandy Beach to Germany. While continuously diving for cover, I severely traumatized my neck. Since then, I’ve suffered chronic pain and a disabling lack of motion in my cervical spine.


Over the years, I have tried treatments of all kinds. None has ever provided more than very temporary relief. My treatment with Dr. Dietzen, on the other hand, has completely resolved my cervical pain and I no longer have the limitation of motion I have suffered with since returning from the war. I wish I had found Dr. Dietzen years ago. His expertise and specialized techniques have solved my problem.


Dr. Dietzen asks the right questions and is an astute listener, so he can apply a thorough approach in treating and solving the problem. I have had lower back pain for over a year. It was a constant annoyance and aggravating, often putting me in a bad mood. The severity of my symptoms decreased dramatically and is trending in the right direction!


Dr. Dietzen’s open-heartedness and mastery made it easier for me to feel comfortable and get better. Before treatment, I was having trouble picking up my 8-month-old – and growing – grandson. Now, I have confidence in my body’s ability to heal and maintain corrections. Such a relief. I am incredibly happy that I found Dr. Dietzen. He is one in a million.


I have never had a doctor take as much time with me as Dr. Dietzen. He is very warm and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable.


I initially sought care for headaches and fatigue, which had kept me from focusing 100 percent at work. I heard Dr. Dietzen speak at an event, went in for treatment, and now my headaches are fully resolved, and as a bonus, my digestion has improved.