17 03, 2019

Understanding Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition characterized by severe pain in the muscles and bones, fatigue, and tenderness to touch. Its prevalence is increasing globally; in fact, the National Fibromyalgia Association reported that about 3-6% of the world population is affected by fibromyalgia. In the United States, as many as 10 million people have the disorder.

23 12, 2018

Fibromyalgia: Is Prednisone a Good Choice for Care?

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The key to finding a suitable treatment option for fibromyalgia is understanding the condition and why it happens. Fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition next to osteoarthritis. The condition is a long-term and chronic experience of widespread pain in the bones and muscles, extreme exhaustion, and areas of tenderness. These symptoms cannot be identified